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"DoubleD" is a company which provides a quality automotive and architectual services for surface updates and reconstruction.

Company was established in 2009 and since then Quality and attention to its Customer needs are two key factors that we value the most! You are welcome to our Gallery section to see what we do and quality we deliver.

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Window tinting: sun protection, UV radiation reduction by 99%, protects interior from fading, visual security and gives that stylish, elegant and prestigious look
Car wrapping: stone chip protection, provides restorative effect for older/fatigued vehicles, stylish looks
Headlight tinting: one of the most popular methods of making your car more unique and attractive
Advertisements: great tool for your business promotional needs
Interiors: adding more attention to details and making inner environment suit your imagination
Body Artwork: fast and cost efficient solution of vehicle customization
Doors: renovation and decoration
Windows: furniture protection from fading, visual protection, privacy improvement
Mirrors: renovation and decoration of your living or working place
Balconies: renovation and decoration, visual protection, privacy improvement
Office Separators: creating a comfortable working environment, privacy improvement
Glass Artwork: renovation and decoration
Wall Artwork: renovation and decoration


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07874 865309 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
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